A Matter of Honor

Session 8
Session 7

Chapter 12 – Defence of the Wall

The Characters return to the Kiau Wall to warn the Crab of the impending horde.

They are assigned to a unit with the scouts and some Ashigaru and prepare for battle.

The Shadowlands horde hit the wall. There were so many creatures that the smaller humanoids could clamber on top of each other to get over. The Crab used a pump to spray the hordes with liquid and then set it a flame. The humanoids are not phased and continue to pour over the wall. The characters engage.

The battle is tough and the characters are wounded but continue on. There’s a large banging at the wall and then the wall collapses and a giant Kamu no Oni charges through. The Oni picks up rocks and men with ease, devouring the Crab in it’s enormous Maw.

Ide Maimoko decides to engage the Oni at great risk to himself. He ties a jade finger to an arrow and fires at it’s mouth. He misses and the Oni continues to pound a Crab who is also engaged. Ide Maimoko then fires, this time with an arrow covered in Jade powder. His aim is true and the arrow goes in the Oni’s mouth an tears down it’s throat, taking it down to a 1/3 it’s strength.

Even with such a strike seemingly powered by the heavens themselves, the Oni is too strong for the two combatants and both are knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Utaku Suiki is fighting for her life against the hordes. Eventually she also succumbs to her injuries and blacks out.

Chapter 13 – Dreams

While unconcious, Utaku Suiki dreams of Horiuchi Jinsen. They are happy together at last. At peace with their feelings. As they look around at the surroundings Suiki looks to Jinsen. As he turns his face is rotting, falling apart, similar to the undead horrors they have been fighting. Suiki awakes in a cold sweat.

Chapter 14 – Recovery

The characters awake but are severly injured. They have been unconcious for over a week and the fighting has died down.

Horiuchi Jinsen enters Suiki’s tent. He says he regrets brining them both here and asks her to accompany him back to Horiuchi lands to help with the plague.

Session 6


Months have passed since the discovery of the Crab’s involvement in the bandit raids in the Hare lands. The characters have been sent to Crab lands to aid in the defence of the wall. They are stationed in the same area where the Crab supplies were going. This is mainly to enforce the Unicorn/Crab as allies.

The characters are trained in all things Shadowlands. They are now Rank 2 and have trained in skills useful for this area.

Chapter 10 – Chance Meeting?

The night before their first mission into the Shadowlands Utaku Suiki is visited in her tent by Horiuchi Jinsen. He tells her that he arranged for them to be stationed here as he is working in Crab lands. He regrets the decision because of the danger involved.

Jinsen is working with the Jade Champion to find out how to cure the plague currently afflicting the Unicorn lands.

Chapter 11 – Scout

The characters are sent on their first real mission. They are to go in to the Shadowlands to find out why a few scouting parties have failed to return recently. They set off with 3 Crab scouts.

When travelling past a small cliff face they are attacked by Bakemono with slings. They easily defeat them.

As they gether after the battle they notice the other side of the cliff overlooks a great plain. In the distance they see the Wall of Bone.

There’s a huge crash and a section of the wall explodes as a huge Oni smashes through the wall followed by a mass of other Shadowlands creatures. They are heading for the wall!

The characters decide they need to warn the wall and head back.

PBEM Part 1

The next part of the game will be play by email, or by forum actually at: http://diddysl5r.freeforums.org. This is the info the characters have in order to make a decision about what to do next

The Yasuki (the one in the papers) are a Crab family who deal in trade. To the point of being disgraceful in normal society (remember Samurai don’t deal with money normally). The Yasuki on the papers is likely doing the work for a higher ranking Crab.

Whoever made the decision to order these events to take place is probably higher status than you. This makes accusing them directly either impossible or pointless. You have no authority over someone of another clan and status generally determines who is right, not evidence. Accusing the Crab in charge directly will either get you laughed at or a Tetsubo in the face.

It’s not abnormal for clans to use merceneries to do dirty work but what they are used for reflects on the Samurai hiring them and therefore his clan.

Regardless of the Crab’s reasons for the attacks, someone will be in charge and they are using mercenaries against another clan, this is a clear reason for war since whatever he does is seen as his clan’s actions. The only ones who can punish him are the Crab or the Emerald magistrates if his superiors do not ask him to commit seppuku for his dishonor.

Should the Crab clan stand by him and not make it clear that he was acting on his own, not asking him to commit seppuku (or strip his rank and sending him to the wall), it is an act of aggression and would essentially mean war between the two clans. The Hare may not be as strong as the Crab, but they are not to be underestimated either, as they are very sneaky and can cause a lot of damage.
Feel free to ask me questions about how things work.

Session 5

Chapter 8.5 – Raid!

The scene began with Utaku Suiki facing off the bandit leader in a duel. Utaku Suiki managed to get in the first strike, but as an inexperienced duelist it did not end there. Both parties traded blows and in the end the bandit leader proved a worthy opponent and had Suiki on her knees. As the bandit leader raised his katana to deal the final blow two Ujina Hare Bushi run him through. This was a most dishonorable act but Suiki was greatful.

The bandits were defeated but at great cost. Many Hare lost their lives.

Chapter 9 – Exposed

The Hare searched the area and found papers in the leaders dwelling. Although they couldn’t make sense of all the details Ide Maimoko searched through the papers and found several references to a Crab named Yasuki Dosemi. From what he could work out the papers were commercial documents detailing the trade of the stolen goods to the crab for koku and equipment.

The characters went back to Hanima Mura and considered a way forward.

They let Usagi Tsamaru know that the raid was complete but they hid the fact about the Crabs involvment. They decided the information could have drastic consequences so they wanted to tell their Lord first. Ide Maimoko was certain that Usagi Tsamaru knew they were hiding something but he didn’t let on if he did.

The characters are now to decide what to do with the information.

Session 4

Chapter 7 – Planning

Chapter 8 – Raid!

Session 2

Chapter 4 – Arrival

The characters arrive at Hamami Mura. This is where they met up with Ide Maimoko. He had arranged for them to be put up in a very nice house for their duration in the city.

The characters had a few days before the court.

Ide Maimoko wrote letters to the other court attendees to ask them to bring any information they had about the bandit attacks.

Chapter 5 – Court

The chracters arrive at the court. There they meet the attendees from the other clans.

Usagi Tsamaru
Doji Ajo
Hida Zanako
Bayushi Mukami

After introductions the characters were thanked by the Hare for their assistance with the bandit attacks. They were presented with a gift. A scroll telling stories of when the Unicorn and Hare have worked together in the past. It was crafted by their finest cartographers.

The main agenda was the bandit attacks. The characters learned that no one was any more clear than they were about the reasons for the attacks. Ide Maimoko Suggested that the clans strengthen their borders to prevent bandits from crossing and prove they were from somewhere in the Hare lands. This didn’t go down too well with the Crab who was outraged at the thought that they had men to spare from the wall.

Other notable events were:

The characters spoke to the Crane and asked if he could get the magistrates involed. He said he could try, but only if there was proof that the attacks were part of something that was a threat to the Empire at large. Also he would require a favour back in return, Ide Maimoko agreed.

The scorpion also spoke to the characters about the attacks in private. She mentioned that the bandits were Ronin and were part of the Forest Killers group. She hinted that she knew more but the characters were reluctant to talk too much to her.

Session 1

Chapter 1 – Duty

A flashback scene where the characters met with their lord Ide Goshiko.

They were instructed to go to Hare lands to aid in their investigations into recent bandit attacks. The Hare clan Daimyo Usagi Tokonichu is a great friend of Ide Goshiko and so aid was gladly given by the Unicorn lord. This was also a test of their abilities.

Their first port of call was to be the farming village Rikiso Mura, where recent bandit activity was seen and attacks were expected.

Ide Goshiko also mentioned a court being held in Hanami Mura, which would coincide with their arrival in Hare lands. It would be a good place to find out about the attacks from other Hare samurai and those from nearby clans.

Chapter 2 – Aftermath

The characters arrive at Rikiso Mura to find signs of a recent attack. The village was not in a bad state but there were clues as to the effect of the bandit raid.

They were met by the village headman, who after greeting them mentioned the attacks. After sorting out their stay, and having refreshments after their long journey the party got to business. Questions were made of various peasants in the village until they met with the local Yoriki, Usagi Anoso.

Usagi Anoso described the attacks and said that there was not much left in the Village. The characters decided to continue on to Hanami Mura.

Chapter 3 – Spoils

During the late evening, while on the road to Hanami Mura, the characters noticed the glow of a camp.

As they crested a hill they saw Bandits waiting for an attack. The bandit were easily dispatched by the well trained Samurai.

There were clues that these Bandit may have been part of the attack on Rikiso Mura, such as their better quality weapons.


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