Utaku Suiki

Suiki is young, fierce and stern like any Battle Maiden. Despite her profession, her face is soft and her hair flows like silk. Her jade green eyes are a true treasure to behold but betray her innocence behind them.


Clan: Unicorn
School: Utaku Battle Maiden
Rank: 1


Bitter Betrothal
True Love


Suiki was born into the matriarchal Utaku family line, with Utaku Ranosho being her mother and Shinjo Akuti being her father, and having one sister – Utaku Mitsurugi.

Utaku Suiki doesn’t like people who play up the barbarian traditions that have been interwoven into the Unicorn Clan as she feels this behaviour perpetuates the Unicorn’s outsider status, which is why they are still ridiculed even though they returned to Rokugan over 300 years ago! Despite this she does however respect them. She herself wears Gaijin equipment and will happily use it, but she only does so when it’s practical, never for show.

She has been betrothed to a fierce Lieutenant of the Moto family, but doesn’t like him because he is a brutish Samurai who does excentuate the barbarian lifestyle and revels in un-Rokugani tradition. Suiki has determined that she will do her best not to marry this man. What makes this situation worse is that her heart belongs to Funaki of the Ide family. Funaki is the pinnacle of tradition and honour within the Unicorn. He rarely displays un-Rokugani tradition and is kind and gentle. Ide Funaki possesses significant status within the Unicorn and is her Uncle’s brother in law meaning that it’s impossible for Suiki to be considered his wife (because it would mean marrying into her own bloodline which is not allowed). Besides which, Shitome (Battle Maidens) are meant to find tough guys for husbands, not puny courtiers!

Faced with this impossible situation, Utaku Suiki has built up emotional barriers, causing many to perceive her as uptight, sullen and fierce when challenged. Some however see the little innocent girl hiding behind this facade.

To deal with her crisis, Suiki has managed to arrange for herself to be stationed far away from civilisation, patrolling the boarders of Unicorn Lands protecting camps from raiders. This is so that whilst she is serving the Unicorn, her betrothed cannot subject her to bear children and force them to be married. In addition it also keeps her from seeing her love Funaki-sama, and consequently her ON cannot slip and get her into trouble. Her only trusted companion in these wastes is her true friend… her steed – Sodankaze (Ancestor’s Wind).

Ultimately, she is very tough and loyal, doing anything to protect the innocent and defending her family honour. She however is still a child and yearns at times to be more lady like so that she might win the heart of her true love.

Utaku Suiki

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