A Matter of Honor

Session 5

Chapter 8.5 – Raid!

The scene began with Utaku Suiki facing off the bandit leader in a duel. Utaku Suiki managed to get in the first strike, but as an inexperienced duelist it did not end there. Both parties traded blows and in the end the bandit leader proved a worthy opponent and had Suiki on her knees. As the bandit leader raised his katana to deal the final blow two Ujina Hare Bushi run him through. This was a most dishonorable act but Suiki was greatful.

The bandits were defeated but at great cost. Many Hare lost their lives.

Chapter 9 – Exposed

The Hare searched the area and found papers in the leaders dwelling. Although they couldn’t make sense of all the details Ide Maimoko searched through the papers and found several references to a Crab named Yasuki Dosemi. From what he could work out the papers were commercial documents detailing the trade of the stolen goods to the crab for koku and equipment.

The characters went back to Hanima Mura and considered a way forward.

They let Usagi Tsamaru know that the raid was complete but they hid the fact about the Crabs involvment. They decided the information could have drastic consequences so they wanted to tell their Lord first. Ide Maimoko was certain that Usagi Tsamaru knew they were hiding something but he didn’t let on if he did.

The characters are now to decide what to do with the information.


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