A Matter of Honor

Session 7

Chapter 12 – Defence of the Wall

The Characters return to the Kiau Wall to warn the Crab of the impending horde.

They are assigned to a unit with the scouts and some Ashigaru and prepare for battle.

The Shadowlands horde hit the wall. There were so many creatures that the smaller humanoids could clamber on top of each other to get over. The Crab used a pump to spray the hordes with liquid and then set it a flame. The humanoids are not phased and continue to pour over the wall. The characters engage.

The battle is tough and the characters are wounded but continue on. There’s a large banging at the wall and then the wall collapses and a giant Kamu no Oni charges through. The Oni picks up rocks and men with ease, devouring the Crab in it’s enormous Maw.

Ide Maimoko decides to engage the Oni at great risk to himself. He ties a jade finger to an arrow and fires at it’s mouth. He misses and the Oni continues to pound a Crab who is also engaged. Ide Maimoko then fires, this time with an arrow covered in Jade powder. His aim is true and the arrow goes in the Oni’s mouth an tears down it’s throat, taking it down to a 1/3 it’s strength.

Even with such a strike seemingly powered by the heavens themselves, the Oni is too strong for the two combatants and both are knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Utaku Suiki is fighting for her life against the hordes. Eventually she also succumbs to her injuries and blacks out.

Chapter 13 – Dreams

While unconcious, Utaku Suiki dreams of Horiuchi Jinsen. They are happy together at last. At peace with their feelings. As they look around at the surroundings Suiki looks to Jinsen. As he turns his face is rotting, falling apart, similar to the undead horrors they have been fighting. Suiki awakes in a cold sweat.

Chapter 14 – Recovery

The characters awake but are severly injured. They have been unconcious for over a week and the fighting has died down.

Horiuchi Jinsen enters Suiki’s tent. He says he regrets brining them both here and asks her to accompany him back to Horiuchi lands to help with the plague.


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