A Matter of Honor

Session 6


Months have passed since the discovery of the Crab’s involvement in the bandit raids in the Hare lands. The characters have been sent to Crab lands to aid in the defence of the wall. They are stationed in the same area where the Crab supplies were going. This is mainly to enforce the Unicorn/Crab as allies.

The characters are trained in all things Shadowlands. They are now Rank 2 and have trained in skills useful for this area.

Chapter 10 – Chance Meeting?

The night before their first mission into the Shadowlands Utaku Suiki is visited in her tent by Horiuchi Jinsen. He tells her that he arranged for them to be stationed here as he is working in Crab lands. He regrets the decision because of the danger involved.

Jinsen is working with the Jade Champion to find out how to cure the plague currently afflicting the Unicorn lands.

Chapter 11 – Scout

The characters are sent on their first real mission. They are to go in to the Shadowlands to find out why a few scouting parties have failed to return recently. They set off with 3 Crab scouts.

When travelling past a small cliff face they are attacked by Bakemono with slings. They easily defeat them.

As they gether after the battle they notice the other side of the cliff overlooks a great plain. In the distance they see the Wall of Bone.

There’s a huge crash and a section of the wall explodes as a huge Oni smashes through the wall followed by a mass of other Shadowlands creatures. They are heading for the wall!

The characters decide they need to warn the wall and head back.


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