A Matter of Honor

Session 2

Chapter 4 – Arrival

The characters arrive at Hamami Mura. This is where they met up with Ide Maimoko. He had arranged for them to be put up in a very nice house for their duration in the city.

The characters had a few days before the court.

Ide Maimoko wrote letters to the other court attendees to ask them to bring any information they had about the bandit attacks.

Chapter 5 – Court

The chracters arrive at the court. There they meet the attendees from the other clans.

Usagi Tsamaru
Doji Ajo
Hida Zanako
Bayushi Mukami

After introductions the characters were thanked by the Hare for their assistance with the bandit attacks. They were presented with a gift. A scroll telling stories of when the Unicorn and Hare have worked together in the past. It was crafted by their finest cartographers.

The main agenda was the bandit attacks. The characters learned that no one was any more clear than they were about the reasons for the attacks. Ide Maimoko Suggested that the clans strengthen their borders to prevent bandits from crossing and prove they were from somewhere in the Hare lands. This didn’t go down too well with the Crab who was outraged at the thought that they had men to spare from the wall.

Other notable events were:

The characters spoke to the Crane and asked if he could get the magistrates involed. He said he could try, but only if there was proof that the attacks were part of something that was a threat to the Empire at large. Also he would require a favour back in return, Ide Maimoko agreed.

The scorpion also spoke to the characters about the attacks in private. She mentioned that the bandits were Ronin and were part of the Forest Killers group. She hinted that she knew more but the characters were reluctant to talk too much to her.


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