A Matter of Honor

Session 1

Chapter 1 – Duty

A flashback scene where the characters met with their lord Ide Goshiko.

They were instructed to go to Hare lands to aid in their investigations into recent bandit attacks. The Hare clan Daimyo Usagi Tokonichu is a great friend of Ide Goshiko and so aid was gladly given by the Unicorn lord. This was also a test of their abilities.

Their first port of call was to be the farming village Rikiso Mura, where recent bandit activity was seen and attacks were expected.

Ide Goshiko also mentioned a court being held in Hanami Mura, which would coincide with their arrival in Hare lands. It would be a good place to find out about the attacks from other Hare samurai and those from nearby clans.

Chapter 2 – Aftermath

The characters arrive at Rikiso Mura to find signs of a recent attack. The village was not in a bad state but there were clues as to the effect of the bandit raid.

They were met by the village headman, who after greeting them mentioned the attacks. After sorting out their stay, and having refreshments after their long journey the party got to business. Questions were made of various peasants in the village until they met with the local Yoriki, Usagi Anoso.

Usagi Anoso described the attacks and said that there was not much left in the Village. The characters decided to continue on to Hanami Mura.

Chapter 3 – Spoils

During the late evening, while on the road to Hanami Mura, the characters noticed the glow of a camp.

As they crested a hill they saw Bandits waiting for an attack. The bandit were easily dispatched by the well trained Samurai.

There were clues that these Bandit may have been part of the attack on Rikiso Mura, such as their better quality weapons.


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